Monday, April 7, 2014

Flat Is Sexy

When I look at celebrities to get inspired by their looks i always get discourage becuase they are always wearing heels! And being realistic, most of women don't like wearing heels all the time, Actually i can say that for the average woman, wearing heels is only for special ocations.
Here are some celebrities to get inspired, hey all know whow to be confortable in flats and still look fashionable and sexy. 

1. Chiara Ferragani (The Blond Salad)

 2. Alexa Chung

3. Zooey Deschanel


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Best Sunlasses for the summer!

Here is a list of sunglasses i can't wait to wear this summer!!

 Topshop $32

Guess $97

 American Apparel $40

Aldo $20

 Steve Madden $40

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Photography/ Sebastian Kim

Today I want to present you one of my favourite current photographers, Sebastian Kim.  Born in Vietnam, raised in Iran, Paris and California, Sebastian Kim has photographed for Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Nina Richi, 7 for all minkind, Vogue, the New York Times and many other. His picture portrait models or celebrities telling a story through sexiness and sophistication.

Thanks for reading! 

Gaby <3

All Pictures taken by Sebastian Kim

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

TREND! Sneakers on the runway/ Get the Look for less

It caused a big impression last season when Karl Lagerfield presented his S/S 2014 haute couture collection for chanel with models on sneakers. But it turned out into a trend that we found in several runways of the past F/W fashion weeks across the world.

Some designers following this trend were Chanel for spring, summer, autumn and winter 2014, Dior for Spring 2014, Devastee for Fall winter 2014 and Ryan Lo For Autumn Winter 2014 


Get the Look
For Less

 Aldo $60  Skechers $70
  Adidas $95  Nike $120

The sneaker wear is about to become a trend, although there are still few fashion clothing retailers selling them, here are some options on where to find similar styles.
If you are in for these trend don´t wait and get your pair of sneakers, you can always DIY and use ribbon laces or add some embroidery to make them look more fashionable.

Gabriela <3

Non of the pictures taken by PDC

Friday, March 7, 2014

5 fashionable movies

This is a list of five of the movies i think anyone interest in the fashion industry should see, not only for the amazing outfits shown but also for the knowledge about the industry we as fashionistas should know.

Coco Before Chanel

This French movie starring one of my favourite actresses, Audrey Tautou, depicts the history of Gabrielle Chanel, the most influential designer during the 1920´s  and later. Even though the movie gives a very wide view of Chanel´s life it still captures the designer´s temper and attitude towards her career. Personally i find this movie very inspiring and i think in a way it teaches us how passion and doing what you love can change the course of history.

The September Issue

More than a movie, the september Issue is a documentary giving access to the working environment at Vouge magazine. The documentary focuses on Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington´s  work at the magazine, following them cosely and showing how the "dream job" is hard and stressful  but with creativity and persistence you can survive. 

Bill Cunningham New York 

Named the first street style photographer, Bill Cunningham has inspire a whole generation of photographers an bloggers in search of the best looks out in the streets. This Documentary, shows a little of his lifestyle, friends circles and helps us understand through his history why is he still one of the most influential person in the fashion industry. 

Yves Saint Laurent: L´amour Fou

In this film Pierre Bergé gives us access to the private world of YSL, showing all the moments they lived together as coworkers and as a couple and how is it that the designer gain so much fame through his career. More than just a historical movie, the films makes the viewers to reflect about the artistic and inspiring side in the world of fashion.   

The Devil Wears Prada 

This is one of the movies that cannot be missed as a fashion inspiration, Based on  Anna Wintour (once again) , The devil wears prada is a story that looking superficially seems to be very light and insignificant but for anyone interested in the fashion business, it means much more. For me this movie is just a reminder on how competitive the fashion industry is, and constantly  reminds me of all the hard decisions you have to make while working in Fashion. 

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in the fashion business, i hope you like and find some knowledge and inspiration on these movies. 

Have a great Weekend!! 

-Gaby <3

Non of the movies taken by PDC

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

S/S2014 Trend: Eden // Get the look for less

Spring is few days away from today, and even though here in Canada we can barely believe it, for the rest of the world spring is a reality!
One of the trends i´m really excited to wear is the "Eden"
Inspired by Latin and Caribbean passages and cultures, the trend is colourful and full of nature allegories such as flowers, trees and even animal print, Eden  also recalls the bohem chic look already wear in the past year for this season.

Some of the designers showing this trends were: Kenzo,  Alberta Feretti, Hermés and Peter Pilotto



For less

 Forever 21 Dress $30

 Forever 21 Bracelet $7

      H&M Sandals  $40

Hope you like this idea and try this new trend! 
<3 Gabriela

Non of the pictures taken by PDC

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